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Welcome to Legitimate Firearms Training, LLC .

Legitimate Firearms Training offers the Concealed Carry Weapon permit class as required by the State of Louisiana.   The instructors are certified NRA instructors with a vast amount of  education as well as practical real life experiences in areas of personal protection.

Legitimate Firearms Training is centrally located in Baton Rouge mid-city                              1111 North Lobdell Blvd  Suite F   Baton Rouge LA 70808

Kevin Newman  Kevin Newman                                                                                                                     

After a tour with the United States Army, Kevin attended Southern University A&M where he attained a Associate Degree in Law Enforcement.  Kevin has served a  Police Officer since 1981, in many facets of law enforcement, including a patrol officer, undercover intelligence officer, motorcycle patrolman, Range Master and Firearms Instructor, Master Taser Instructor, and Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant, is now currently a Captain of Uniform Patrol – Night Commander  for a  local municipality.   For several years he acted as the working commander of his departments Safe Streets Task Force.  Kevin is the Creator and Director of Training for Legitimate Protection Firearms Training, LLC.  Kevin is also a certified NRA Firearms Instructor


Kevin Cyrus   Kevin Cyrus                                                                                                                                

Kevin has partnered with Kevin Newman as an Instructor for Legitimate Protection Firearms Training, LLC.  Kevin is  a computer-science major who attended Southern University A&M and began his career by writing software for small local law enforcement agencies.    Kevin joined a local law enforcement agency and served in corrections, uniform patrol, as a patrolman and field supervisor, before culminating to the Detective Division where Kevin has attained the rank of Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division.  Kevin has been a active member of the Crisis Response Tactical Team for 19 years and has acquired training in various levels of firearms use. Kevin is also a certified  NRA Firearms Instructor and a Federal Firearms Licensee  (FFL)  conducting the sale of firearms and accessories.



Louisiana Concealed Carry Permit Class

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